The Sum of All Things

Learning to think like Jesus Christ thinks– that is the sum of what it is to be a follower of the Lord. Only when we apprehend the mind of Christ, and learn to think what Christ thinks, can we say what Jesus would say and do what Jesus would do.

So long as we think our own thoughts, we will speak our own word, and act out our own lives. But in doing so we will forfeit the life of Christ within us, and fail to be the people He would have us to be. And if we cannot be the people He would have us to be, the world will perish in its darkness, as it lacks the witness it needs to come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

We must wash and renew our minds, beginning first and foremost with the thought that Jesus Christ is King.  And once we start thinking like Jesus, we can live only as Jesus can live.  We will live fruitful and abundant lives, reflecting the power and life available in the kingdom of God, as citizens of a heavenly rule, adhering to a holy law.

Indeed, the failure to think like Christ thinks is at the heart of most of our failing and troubles.  When our minds think like a world that is not under the rule and reign of Christ, we will act like a world that is not under the rule and reign of Christ. In a word, we will act mad. Troubles we were not created to experience will be ours in abundance, instead of living the life Christ created for us to abound in.  Our marriages will fail, our finances will crush us, and we will know no peace, all because we’ve failed to seek the Lord with all our hearts, and to think like Jesus would think, and act like Jesus would act.

Recognizing these things then, let us diligently seek to discover the mind of Christ, absorbing ourselves in His word, and applying it to our very lives.  For this is the sum of all things, and what it means to follow Christ.

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