10 Meditations on Bible College

Reflecting upon my Bible college experience recently, I just thought I’d share with you 10 thoughts about my experience.

  1. Your professor is really “trying to be a blessing,” in spite of the 12 page paper he expects you to write, and the 4 tests he expects you to take.
  2. There is always one guy that knows as much as the professor, and is ready to lecture him to no end.  (I was that guy)
  3. Not everybody at Bible college is there to increase their knowledge of the Lord.  Some are just there to get the piece of paper so they can go be somebody more important in the Church world.  Don’t be those guys.  Make the most of your chance at a Biblical education.  Take nothing for granted.  You have a tremendous opportunity to learn.  Ace every paper and Ace every test.  You are learning things that might make an eternal difference in somebody’s life one day.  Take your studies seriously.
  4. Even if you go to a denominational based Bible college, you will find people there that radically disagree with one another.  Be courageous in your debates, and feel free to disagree, but always remember that those whom you disagree with are not your enemies, but are your brothers and sisters in the Lord.
  5. You will make life long friends at Bible college, some whom though you will seldom see afterwards, will always be a phone call away, and ready to build you up in the Lord.
  6. Bible college people are Church people, and therefore, LOVE food.  Expect to eat much.
  7. Don’t spouse shop at Bible college.  You might meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.  But speaking from experience, you’d probably be better off using eHarmony.com.
  8. You actually read very little of the Bible in Bible college.  Never let French Arrington’s systematic theology become a substitute for the regular, systematic, devotional reading of the Scriptures in your private life.
  9. The Spirit of God can move powerfully even in the classroom.  So, stay sensitive to the leading of the Spirit at all times. I’ve been in classes where all we did was cry out to God, pray for one another, speak in tongues, testify, and even take up a love offering.
  10. Bible college is not the end of your Biblical education.  It’s simply a place to lay a firm foundation.  As important as your Bible college education is, even greater is “the School of Christ” that you will enter once you truly begin to live your life and minister.  Never cease to learn.

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