Was There No Wind?

The first taste of Spring had come to North Carolina.  Knowing I was heading into a glorious three day weekend, one of the first thoughts I had Friday morning was an almost overwhelming desire to fly a kite.  A strange thing, perhaps, that a 28 year old man such as myself should want to do such a silly thing.  But I couldn’t escape it.  I had to fly a kite.  After making a few phone calls from my office, to my pleasant surprise I found a local retailer who was selling kites in the middle of February.  Thanks Walmart!

So with youthful glee I rounded up a few friends from Church, and after swinging by Walmart, proceeded to head to a nearby park.  After successfully assembling our kites, we gathered in a field and waited on a breeze that would set our kites soaring.  Yet to our dismay, the winds that were plentiful earlier in the day had finally died down.  Only the occasional gust would come our way.  And try as we might to take advantage of such winds, nothing ever came that would sustain us for more than a few seconds.  For two hours we persisted in making adjustments to our kites, running, and devising various take off strategies.  But in spite of all of our efforts, the highest any of us got our kites off the ground Saturday afternoon was about 15 or 20 feet.

There is a message here.  Can you see it?  Do I even need to preach it for you?  In this Saturday afternoon picture at the park, I see here a picture of the Church today.  Just because we have a kite and a child like desire in our heart doesn’t mean we have a guaranteed takeoff.  No matter how much money we spend on our kites, how well they are designed, or how many different strategies we employ in launching our kites into the sky, unless we have a sustained breeze from heaven that gives them lift, our kites will stay effectively grounded.  Indeed, the only pictures we managed to take at the end of our trip to the park were pictures of all of our kites laying on the dead green grass of winter.  I would have rather seen a Carolina blue sky in the backdrop myself.

Lord, breathe upon us with your Holy Spirit.

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