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Goodbye Oprah! — The Untold Story

This week, after a 25 year run, The Oprah Winfrey Show has finally come to an end.  CNN and other news networks wrote a glowing review of the positive contribution Oprah has made towards society.  Personal testimonies abounded of the difference Oprah made in their lives, and the inspiration she brought to them during troubled times.  Women everywhere cried.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Why?  Because there is an untold story that many homes know all to well– but is never reported on.  It is the story that countless men could attest to.  It is the story of a man who, after working hard all day at the office, comes home to a wife whose mind and spirit has been poisoned by Oprah.  His wife now wonders what her husband has really being “doing” all day at the office.  Her children wonder at the new “philosophy” and “spirituality” mommy now embraces– it’s definitely not what they learned about in Sunday school.  And women everywhere are now empowered by a foolish and silly spirit that has taught them to love the superficial, and to not really care about that which is true.

What has been especially alarming is how much Oprah has been embraced and celebrated by born-again, Spirit-filled, Evangelical Christian women.  Oprah has become something of a prophet to them.  So much so that one sister in the Lord I know, when Oprah “gave God the glory” on her final broadcast, couldn’t help but stand on the roof-tops of Facebook, and proclaim on multiple pages how excited she was that this had happened.  You would have thought a religious revival had occurred, or that maybe Jesus had returned on May 21st after all.  Is it no wonder that Casting Crowns has had to sing, “What if the family turned to Jesus, instead of asking Oprah what to do?”

Honestly, the only way Oprah could have given God the glory on her final TV show was if she would’ve renounced the 25 years of pollution she has littered the air-waves with.  Oprah, the false prophet she is, has consistently promoted ideals and values that have regularly been exalted against the true knowledge of God.  These things have destroyed homes, led others into sin, and has caused the image of God in creation to be further corrupted.  And she did all of this in the name of making a buck off the souls of countless millions who loved to tune in day after day, week after week, and year after year.  Those who have loved her– even among God’s people –may not realize it, but they have loved Oprah and have enjoyed having their ears tickled by her, because ultimately, they have not loved God as they ought.  You cannot love Oprah and Jesus at the same time.

This is the untold story of Oprah Winfrey.  CNN may have not picked it up.  But somebody who has lived a little bit of life and spent some time talking to Jesus has.


A Letter to a False Prophet in the Church

Dear False Prophet,

I almost didn’t recognize you.  But there you are.  You fit in so nicely at our Church.  You are well liked, respected, and many even look up to you.  You are something of a celebrity.  You easily find company to sit with at Church pot-lucks.  You have a way with words, and never seem to lack anything to say.  Indeed, you are even called on to preach from time to time, and with the response you usually receive from many within the congregation, there is no doubt you’ll be invited to speak yet again.  You can regularly be found in the company of the pastor, and at times, seem to be his right hand man.  A smile can regularly be found on your face.

But something just isn’t right.  Something is off.  You regularly say many things that are right and true.  You say that Jesus is Lord, and I can even drop an “amen” while I listen to you preach.  But while doing so, I find myself a bit troubled.  For it isn’t so much anything you are saying that troubles me per say.  It is the fact that when I listen to you, I never find myself troubled by anything that you do say.  Indeed, troubling words never seem to run across your lips.  I feel quite comfortable listening to you, and in retrospect, that is what troubles me about you the most.  I am troubled for my lack of being troubled while listening to you preach.

You are quite skilled.  You manage to successfully avoid offending or shocking anybody with your preaching.  Jesus and His apostles couldn’t even avoid doing that.  Instead, your sermons are regularly light-hearted and uplifting.  They are even funny, and make me want to be a better me.  But you regularly avoid certain things in your preaching.

Like for instance, you don’t talk about sin very much.  And when you do, you seem to simply gloss over it, or treat sin as if it were just a mere mistake, or something merely holding me back from reaching my full potential.  Sometimes, you even seem to excuse it altogether.  And I’ve also noticed, you don’t talk a lot about the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and you almost never mention His resurrection from the grave.  Might Jesus Christ return in our life time?  From your preaching, I honestly wouldn’t know if Jesus Christ is ever coming back one day. And even if I suspected He might come back one day, after listening to you preach, I wouldn’t know what to really expect if He did.

But why talk about such lofty and abstract things?  You are practical, and you want to talk about the here and now.  You want to help people find joy, peace, and fulfillment.  You want to help husbands be better husbands, and wives to be better wives.  You want to help them succeed at work and in play.  You want to help them manage their finances, and help them enjoy the finer things in life.  You just want them to have their best life now, so that they can be all that they want to be!

As you are reading how I describe your preaching, you probably find it an accurate portrayal of what you say and do.  In fact, you probably are scratching your head thinking, “And how exactly does all of this make me a false prophet?”  But you see, that’s exactly what makes you a false prophet.  You don’t even see your preaching as being off.  And being deceived, you can in turn deceive others effectually, because ultimately, you are sincere.  You see, the thing that makes you false is not your contradiction of the word of God, or making predictions that never come to pass.  It’s much more simple than that.  What makes you false is that for all your speaking, you never begin to declare the word of the Lord.  For you are just too busy declaring everything else. 

At any rate, I just wanted to take a moment and write and let you know that I see you.  I hope others will as well.

Jimmy Humphrey

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