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Charlie Sheen Wants to Be Me

“Actor” and celebrity, Charlie Sheen,  has made a big splash recently.  Spinning out of control and self-destructing in front of the entire world, his recent “bad boy” antics have probably gained him more attention and notoriety than anything he has ever done on TV or in the movies.  His melodramatic actions and sayings are being gobbled up by news media that wouldn’t normally give him the time of day.  People who were otherwise unaware of his existence are now suddenly caught up into the man who has become something of a train wreck.

Sheen is flaunting himself to the world as a rock star from Mars who deserves the adoration of millions.  Indeed, the idea conveyed to the masses is that we all should want to be like Charlie Sheen.  After all, he literally makes millions of dollars from every TV episode he appears in, and has access to all the women and drugs one could ever hope for.  I should want to be Charlie Sheen. 

But the truth of the matter is when the rubber meets the road:  Charlie Sheen wants to be me.

Charlie Sheen may not realize it, but in spite of all of what Charlie Sheen says he has, I would say Charlie Sheen has nothing.  He says he is rich and need in nothing, and I say he is naked and poor and in need of everything.  What Sheen is doing is nothing other than what millions of people do every day in this world.  He is trying to fill that “God-sized hole” in his heart.  As Solomon said, God has set eternity in our hearts, and Sheen is vainly and desperately attempting to fill his heart with that which only God can fill.  In spite of their claims, money, drugs and porn stars can never deliver on their promises to truly fill that empty space in a broken humanity.  They never satisfy.

With Christ, I have everything Charlie Sheen could ever dream of having, but will never obtain.  I have a purpose for being in Christ, and am filled with the love, joy, and peace that comes from knowing Him.  Indeed, in Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all and who possesses all things, I have all things.  All things are mine in Him, and I lack for nothing.

At the end of the day, though I plug away in a clerical role at a law office making a humble wage, living in a two bedroom apartment, and am single, I would say that in Jesus Christ, I have everything that Charlie Sheen wants, but does not have.  Indeed, even what he claims to have he actually lacks.  Though radically different in the lifestyle he is living, the impulses Sheen is acting on every single day shows that in reality, though he would probably deny it, Charlie Seen wants to be me.


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